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Clinical Facilities

TPKR Scientifics will serve the clinical research requirements of various clinical facilities including private and public organizations.

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Specialized Research

We can help various facilities and healthcare organizations to achieve their clinical trial goals at the least cost and the shortest time possible without compromising quality.

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Patient Recruitment

TPKR Scientifics has an in-depth understanding of the necessary participant demographics for clinical trials and research.


Welcome to TPKR Scientifics

TPKR Scientifics is a Texas-based Clinical Research Organization with a vision to create better and healthier communities. We are a forerunner in clinical research, assay development, comprehensive metabolite identification for drug development, and clinical trial management.

Looking to progress your career in a highly desired medical field?

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TPKR Scientifics innovates ceaselessly in various aspects of our operations to achieve our clients’ deliverables. From planning, research, trials, and post-trial evaluations, we recognize the extensive matrix involved in the development of new drugs, new therapies, and even in new medical equipment or devices. More significantly, we are helping pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers to understand their patients better and ultimately perform apposite medical care with newly developed products and medical care approaches.

In the United States, there are 34,000 active clinical trials at one time, but a shortage of Clinical Research Coordinators and Associates. In our 6 week program, you will get hands-on experience at a clinical trial near you, online training, and help with job placement to kickstart a rewarding career in clinical research.

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Participate in aTrial

If you are interested in participating in one of our clinical trials, please contact TPKR Scientifics. You can also learn more about our clinical trials and studies to help you decide.

News and Events

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