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Clinical Trials

CompoundingTPKR Scientifics has an in-depth understanding of the necessary participant demographics for clinical trials and research. Choosing clinical trial participants alone requires the utmost discretion and sensitivity to the individuals well-being prior to, during and after clinical trials are conducted.

All in all, TPKR Scientifics aims to find the clinical trial participants through enhanced enrollment strategies that meet timeline requirements for our clients. The success of the clinical trial patient recruitment, planning, execution and management rests on:

  • Comprehensive Study of patient demographics
  • Setting the inclusion and exclusion criteria when selecting candidates for enrollment
  • Schedule or Clinical Research Timeline compliance
  • Cost-Effectiveness of the clinical research operations as a whole

Having years of experience in this field ensures that your goals for viable clinical research will be met. Please talk to a representative from TPKR Scientifics soon. You can reach us at 210-723-2004.

If you are interested with participation in one of our clinical trials, please contact us.

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